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About RoidBay APK Market

RoidBay APK Market is a web-based service that provides the original APK files of free Android apps and games. These APK files are original and clean and we provide hash checks to confirm that you are only downloading clean and original APK files of apps and games from our store. We primarily intend to help those Android users who own Android phones and tablets but unfortunately their devices don't support the Google Play Store official app.

Luckily Android OS allows you the users to install apps and games from third-party sources and users can enable this option from their device's security settings by checking 'Unknown Sources'. Once this option is enabled, apps and games can be installed from APK files directly.

What are APK Files

APK files are executable files that contain all the necessary files of apps and games. You can compare these files with the .exe installers on Windows or .dmg files on Mac OSX. In short, Android developers package their apps and games as APK files and these portable APK files can be used to easily install the relevant app or the game on Android devices. From our platform, RoidBay, you can download the latest APK files of free apps and games. Keep your apps and games updated by downloading the updated APKs regularly. Our tools bring you the latest version as soon as it is available on the official Google Play Store.